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Date : 19th/October/2019 
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Chairman APTMA


The Organization
Association's Principal Office is located at Karachi and Regional Offices are at Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar. The Principal Office functions under the administrative control of the Chairman and Central Executive Committee. It deals with the affairs connected with textile trade and industry effecting members relating to Federal Government, whereas matters concerning Provincial Governments are dealt by the Regional Offices under the direction of Regional Chairmen.
The Chairman and Vice-Chairmen from Regional Offices are elected by the members annually and are charged with implementing the policies and program directives decided by the Central Executive Committees. The Chief Operating Officer and Secretaries are responsible for carrying out day-to-day affairs and programmes of the Association. The Central Executive Committee continuously reviews the policies and programs of the Association and establishes priorities accordingly.

Government Liaison

Government policies and plans at the federal level have a significant impact on textile industry affairs. APTMA works in close coordination with other national textile trade association and groups to safe guard the interest of its members in particular and textile industry as a whole. APTMA's role to supplement and complement overall industry activities is always motivated with interests of yarn and cloth segments of the industry.
Specifically, APTMA is involved on a continuing basis in the areas such as import and local procurement of cotton, cotton legislation, income and sales tax law, government statistical programs, and customs regulations concerning textiles exports and imports.
Several yarn industry executives serve on government advisory committees including the State Bank of Pakistan, TDAP, Ministry of Commerce and Federal Board of Revenue, Trade Policy Advisory Committee, and the Industry Sector Advisory Committee etc.

Statistical and Economic Information
The Association collects and compiles statistical and economic data on the textile industry mostly from a number of government sources and publishes Chairman's Annual Review to keep Association members and other sectors related to the industry fully informed about production and marketing trends in Pakistan and world. In addition, special reports are developed periodically on specific subjects at the request of the various committees and government agencies.

The annual general meeting of the Association held each September is an important component of APTMA's total program. Through this vehicle, industry members come to know each other's issues/problems and have time to assess industry trends in an atmosphere apart from day-to-day operations.

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