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Personal Information

Father Name:
Date of Birth: 1977-04-23
Place of Birth: Faisalabad
Nationality: Pakistani
Qualification: MBA from Imperial College of Business Studies, Lahore


Chairman Message

All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) is one of the largest trade association of Pakistan was founded in 1952 and since then has been the foremost association concerning the textile business in Pakistan.

The textile industry of Pakistan contributes 8.5% of the GDP and employs 38% of the workforce in the manufacturing sector. It is responsible for about 55% of total exports.

Exports statistics show our progress in the last 5 to 6 years and how we foresee huge challenges under the new rules of international trade.

Export of textile products has reached $ 10.62 billion in the year 2007-08 from $ 5.5 billion in the year 2003-04 i.e. an increase of $ 5.12 billion in value term or by 93% and it still have the potential to beat this rate of growth in future.