Message from the Chairman

Mr. Adil Bashir

All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) is the largest trade association in Pakistan. When we evaluate certain issues that relate to the fundamentals of the textile business, we aim to cultivate a solution-oriented approach, and this is notable not only in each of our published works but in the performance of Pakistan’s export-oriented sectors. As the premier industry association of the country, APTMA is well aware of its commitment to act as a partner in national development. Therefore, we pride ourselves on being a thought leader for the nation and identifying economic issues of a broad scope. We are focused on economic reform through our own contributions to Pakistan’s economic growth through an export-led strategy. In this regard, government support is a key paradigm that has been of value to us and we hope to continue receiving it. Furthermore, APTMA, being the largest and most well-organized trade association, has the ultimate responsibility to help facilitate the environment and socio-economic climate necessary for the positive performance and viability of our member mills.